AMP Awards Opening Film


When the aural wizards over at Antfood approached us to collaborate on the opening titles for the 2017 AMP Awards, our only question was "how many butts?" The answer may surprise you...

Join Randy as he endeavors to find the hidden answer buried inside the arcane geo-futuristic world that is Music for Advertising.

When Antfood approached us, they had a cool script but no story yet. No way into this wacky concept. That’s where we come in with techno-mysticism guns-a-blazin’.

We came up with this concept of Randy, a tomorrow man, (archaeologist? explorer?) in a retro-geo-futuristic world discovering a strange audio mausoleum. He activates Daniel, the dormant supercomputer, and the fun begins.

Collaboration is the name of the game.

We always look forward to our collaborations with Antfood. But the back-and-forth on this one was a particular delight.

Typography →

As Daniel the supercomputer cycles through the list of futuristic musical styles we got the chance to run wild and let it swing in the breeze. Typographical- speaking.



Executive Creative Director

Orion Tait

Executive Producer

Anne Skopas

Creative Director

Daniel Oeffinger


Kitty Dillard

Production Coordinator

Alexi Yeldezian


Daniel Oeffinger

Rasmus Bak

2D Animation

Daniel Oeffinger

Rasmus Bak


Music & Sound Design