F5 Opening Titles


Conference introductions can be serious, stuffy affairs. We definitely didn’t want to be serious. But stuffy? Sure. Give us some old socks and we’ll stuff them full of life.

For the F5 conference we wanted to give them something unexpected. How about a variety show hosted by puppets? Introducing Noodles and Basil, your homemade hosts for the evening.

We broke the intro up into four sections with distinct looks: a puppet show with a D.I.Y. children show’s feel, animation inspired by classic Sesame Streets, a mixed media section with faces that skewed more Electric Co., and finally a music/instrumental section with an experimental theater vibe.

Hey, Rube!

We called on the talents and creativity of the entire office for this labor of love. From the home-stitched, in-house designed puppets to cel animation lovingly, hand-painted frame-by-frame — this became a studio passion project.

Almost a decade later, we still return to this work for inspiration — it’s forever a BUCK fav.