Asana Brand Film


We were asked to create a brand film that educated people on the benefits of Asana project management software while also helping them stand out in a crowded and competitive field. An audit of the landscape quickly revealed to us what not to do — the project management space was chock full of quirky. We were going to need a very different flavor of jerky.

The first job was conjuring up a fresh visual style for Asana. The ask was not an easy one — any solution needed to heavily feature their UI while also telling a human story.

We developed a sophisticated look that was rooted in an iconic mid-century collage aesthetic. Collage allowed us to integrate typography, UI, design, and other visual elements into a visual melting pot that felt all of one piece. It also provided a striking visual contrast with the rest of the competition.

It was important for the audience to feel ‘the human being’ behind the UI so we spent a lot of time workshopping various ways to represent this. How do we show the teams that will be using Asana software?

We resolved this with the use of hands as a visual motif. These hands could enter the frame and manipulate the collage in various ways, making the whole thing feel interactive. Second, we used colored dots to represent the various team members working on a project so we could have an interesting abstract way to represent the ease of collaboration with Asana.

Our collage style is rich with textures. It feels organic and homemade with nods to a stop motion aesthetic. It was essential that the flow of the piece was easy and seamless in order to convey the ease of using Asana.



Creative Director

Robert Bisi

Executive Producer

Nick Carmen


Jessica Le

Art Director

Frederico Felix

Shannon Rollins


Colin Graham

Daniel Savage

Julia Mattos

Kenneth Kuh

Lauren Gaballo

Loris Alessandria

Animation Lead

Rafael Araujo

2D Animation

Daniel Savage

Jardeson Rocha

Joe Brooks


Sound Design Studio

Malfred Sound