Asana Silos


Asana, the collaborative workplace software, wanted to make their product more approachable. So we decided to be cheeky with the silo-ing that occurs between departments to help make their brand a bit more fun and relatable.

Now for something completely different.

Asana wanted something funny for this spot to balance the necessary product demo. This slightly outrageous hook was an unexpected and fun solution that let us explore some new ground.

I’ve just seen a face.

Since siloed departments are the enemies of a healthy, collaborative workplace, we decided to cast silos as the employees in a non-collaborative office space. (Also as lo-key monsters lurking out in the countryside.) The trick was incorporating facial features into the structures in inventive ways without it being a) too obvious or b) too cartoony.

15 Seconds of Silo Fame.

The 30 second deliverable (the manifesto) features a narrator humorously walking us through the peculiar landscapes where our silos get, well, siloed. But these structures have stories, funny ones—and a set of bite-sized, 15 second scripts explored the characters and the calamities that occur in isolation through the use of voice actors.

See them come to life below ↓

From one world to the next...

The silos were CG-generated. In order to help ‘sell’ the realism, we composited them into live-action stock footage.

The transition to the Asana UI was simple and Kaiju-like. After some quippy/funny/dry repartie between various silos, a well-designed workspace descends from the top of the screen and we’re into the product demo.



Group Creative Director

Joe Mullen

Associate Creative Director

Amelia Giller

Global Executive Producer

Emily Rickard

Executive Producer

Kirsten Collabolletta


Alex DeSanto

Production Coordinator

Carlos Silva

Lauren Pham

Global Head of Design

Brian Won

Head of Design - LA

Steve Day


Ben Kay

Colin Graham

Danilo Rodrigues

Freya Yeh

Hanna No

Joel Plosz

Nikko Gary

Vanessa Cheung

Yo Umeda

Zoe Schneider

Design Apprentice

Taka Imagawa

Global Head of 2D Animation

Daniel Coutinho

Head of 2D - LA

Peter Kallstrom

2D Animation Lead

Taylor Griggs

2D Animation

Fabian Morison

Nicole Pappas

Global Head of 3D

Doug Wilkinson

Head of 3D - LA

Alex Dingfelder

CG Lead

Justin Wilcott

CG Generalist

Lucas Georgescu

Global Head of Post Production

Paal Rui


Billy Kostka

Rick Wilson


Original Music Composition, Sound Design, and Final Mix

Malfred Sound

VO Recording Partners

PICO Sound