Bonnie Plants


You know that scene at the end of Ratatouille where the food critic tries the eponymous dish and is instantly transported back to his childhood? That transportative power is what the good people at Bonnie Plants are offering and they enlisted us to help spread the word in this tasty CG spot.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Home gardens have sprouted and blossomed during the pandemic years while at the same time, global travel has taken a nose dive. Bonnie is responding to both of these trends by inspiring people to dive into a healthy new hobby while scratching that travel itch with some authentic dishes from the places you’re longing to visit.


The concept was to deliver a cozy and mouth-watering journey around the globe. The dishes were presented in rich detail and authenticity and realism drove the set building and presentation. We needed a visual motif to help tie the piece together so we used a plump tomato since it was a common ingredient in all of our dishes.

100 Years of Solitude (and combined render time)

Nothing can be quite as transporting as food. It’s magic. It can take you instantly to a particular place in time or etch a memory indelibly in our brain. In order to capture that spirit, we wanted to infuse this piece with a sense of magical realism. Since the handling of the food was meticulously realistic down to a focused-group consensus on the proper order of burger toppings we decided to make the movement of the camera itself feel a bit like a magical spirit. It glides seamlessly through seven different environments — each transition from one space to the next is an unexpected surprise.

Being CG isn’t Eazy

We have 10,000 years of Darwinian programming that allows us to determine whether something is edible. CG food is a lot harder than it looks.



Executive Creative Director

Joe Mullen

Executive Producer

Nick Carmen

Creative Director

Fernando Bittar


Dustin Leer

Kirsten Collabolletta

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

Art Director

Florence Dagostini


Dave Evans


Julian Bishop

Concept Art

George Fuentes

Joshua Harvey

Kamille Rodriguez

Nathan Lee

Look Development Lead

Kien Hoang

Look Development

Filipe Machado

Joy Tien

Kat Smith

Patrick Vidal


Elias Glasch

Filipe Machado

Joy Tien

Kien Hoang

Kintan Chauhan

Scott Crawford

Winnie Mai


Joy Tien

Justin Wilcott

Kien Hoang

Patrick Vidal

Scott Crawford


Alex Dingfelder

Kien Hoang


Janina Overley

Kevin Weber


Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

Juan Carlos Barraza Mendoza

Technical Director

Jens Lindgren

Lead 3D Animator

Peter DeSalvo

3D Animation

Josh Baum

2D Animation

Gavin Kosko


Cudjo Collins

Dave Conte

Paal Rui


Music Studio


Sound Engineer

Eleven Sound

Voiceover Artist

Kasey Hott

Audio Mix