Brawl Stars Happy Brawlidays


Brawl Stars wanted a holiday film — something that echoed the cherished holiday specials of yore but with a devilish, sharp-elbowed, Brawler twist. We delivered this lil tussle to them in the St. Nick of time and it’s racked up over ten million views on Youtube already. Ho ho ho.

Brawl Stars is a vibrant community full of myth building, beloved characters, and, of course, wicked fun gameplay. The idea was to corral all of it — the action, the irreverence, the weirdness, and the chaos into one, tightly-wrapped, heart-warming holiday gift for the fans.

From the initial brief, we had a few potential scripts we were working on, but we had some areas we knew we wanted to focus on — merging the kind of saccharine sweet holiday tones with Brawl Stars non-consequential violence.

BUCK and Brawl Stars developer Supercell hit on the same concept for the film: A holiday window display brought to life through intricate automata. But this is Starr Park, so there’s always a twist.

In order to develop the look of the characters and sets, we absorbed a ton of reference: everything from Rankin Bass holiday classics to model train sets to Disney imagineering and more. The goal with the CG animation was to make it feel believable. We wanted all of the motions and movements of our CG characters to be physically achievable with pretty advanced animatronics.

So pulling from high-end vinyl figures for character design, we worked out how these figures would be built in real life — their scale, their movement, their placement within a set.

It was important that this miniature world was realistic and authentic. Our designers took care to look at materials and mechanisms which were true to scale and capability.

Supercell was an exceptional partner. Taking this new approach to their visuals really meant having a lot of trust in us, and we wanted to make sure we were staying true to their nuanced and detailed world. We even peppered in some Easter (er, Christmas?) eggs that would resonate with super fans.

Interpreting these designs into CG meant also staying true to Brawl Stars established design language, but keeping the handcrafted, tactile feel which makes miniature worlds like this so appealing.

Because the music was so integral to the piece, we had a constant back and forth between our animation team, our editors, and our music partners at Butter. It seems simple, but this back and forth can create a huge bottleneck. By aligning on an approach in the beginning, we could make it work between our in house editor, our animators, and our sound partner.

This piece was great fun to work on and very rewarding. The day it was released into the wild it started racking up views on Youtube (coming up on 12 million!) We’re very happy it was received so warmly by the beautiful and twisted people that make up the Brawl Stars community. Happy Holidays and Viva la Royale!



Group Creative Director

Joe Mullen

Creative Director

Dan Marsh

Global Executive Producer

Nick Carmen

Executive Producer

Kirsten Collabolletta

Luisa Murray


Adriane Scott-Kemp

Alex DeSanto

Mackenzie Alexander

Production Coordinator

Flo Fusco

Global Head of Design

Brian Won

Head of Design - LA

Steve Day

Art Director

Sol Lee

Concept Artists

Dan Muangprasert

Dia Jamandron

Fekim Lee

Genice Chan

Karen Lam

Rafael Lopez

Stan Chan

Tuo Kan

Vanessa Cheung

Vicki Liu

Zack Williams

Zhen Liu

Type Designers

Ana Gomez Bernaus

Augstina Ferrario

Storyboard Artists

Cristopher Schenck

Mickey Quinn

Tristyn Pease

William Rosado

Global Head of 2D Animation

Daniel Coutinho

Head of 2D - LA

Peter Kallstrom

2D Animation Lead

Abigail Bosworth

Drew Wiebe

Lumi Chang

Nick Knezvich

Global Head of 3D

Doug Wilkinson

Head of 3D - LA

Alex Dingfelder

3D Supervisors

Alex Dingfelder

Marc Steinberg

3D Lead

Wing Sze Lee

3D Animation Lead

Peter DeSalvo

Rigging Supervisor

Ernesto Ruiz Velasco


Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

Hernan Ares

Jordan Levitt


Alfonso Petersen

Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

Fernando Ruiz

Joshua Studebaker

Kien Hoang

Michele Herrera

Peter Sandeman

Rui Huang

Wing Sze Lee

Look Development

Alfonso Petersen

Felipe Ferreira

Joshua Studebaker

Kien Hoang

Michele Herrera

Peter Sandeman

Rui Huang

Wing Sze Lee

Lighting TD

Jens Lindgren

Lighting and Comp

Alfonso Petersen

Beatrice Viguier

Chloe Tu

Joshua Studebaker

Kien Hoang

Michele Herrera

Peter Sandeman

Rui Huang

Tina Chao

Wing Sze Lee

3D Animation

Cameron Hicks

Hillary McCarthy

Jeff Kim

John Fielding

Josh Baum

Laura Koval

Liana Krakirian

Mike Sime

FX Artists

Carlos Villanueva

Kevin Weber

Mahmoud Elragheb

Marc Steinberg

Global Head of Post Production

Paal Rui


Billy Kostka

Assistant Editor

Robert Bailey