BUCK Rebrand


“When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it’s wrong.” - R. Buckminster Fuller

BUCK Rebrand A visual identity that reflects who we are as an ever-evolving, talent-driven creative company. A flexible system that can support, lead, and be both well-behaved and irreverent (just like us).

01. Wordmark & Icon ↓

Wordmark & Icon →

Our new wordmark builds on the equity of our brand and our history. Speaking to the idea of a collective, different shapes representing different perspectives and expertises come together to make a whole. Inspired by our namesake, Buckminster Fuller, and his approach to systematic design, each individual letter is based upon a common architecture.

02. Typography & Glyphs ↓

Typography & Glyphs →

We chose Mabry as BUCK’s primary typeface – it’s contemporary and historic, rigorous and gestural, refined and coarse all at once. We expanded on Mabry’s set of glyphs to create an expressive palette of elements to choose from.

03. Communication ↓


BUCK has a wealth of diverse perspectives and voices. Our communication system gives room to play and express with visual consistently across all our channels.



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Orion Tait

Ryan Honey

Group Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Executive Producer

Ryan McGrath

Creative Director

Jodi Terwilliger


Max Lauter

Production Coordinator

Dara Ó Cairbre

Art Director

Fernando Bittar

Frederico Felix

Renaud Futterer

Vitor Andrade

Director of Creative Technology

Michael Delaney

Brand Strategy Director

Marla Moore


Dave Evans

Design Lead

Jules Tarly


Chris Palazzo

Hogan Williams

Zoe Schneider

2D Animation

Jordan Scott

3D Animation Lead

Chris Phillips

Creative Technologist

Adam Ferriss

Charlie Whitney

Kevin Edzenga


Jose Fuentes

Paal Rui

Peter Brandi

Production Assistant

Timothy Tickell


Sound Design Studio


Design & Animation

Relay Studio

Andreas Bjoern Hansen

Rasmus Bak