Coke Sustainability


A tale of grit, determination, teamwork, and anti-litter bugs.

The first challenge ↓

How could a tiny ladybug get a Coke bottle into a recycling bin?

Could they use a leaf as a catapult? Or send it rolling down a hill, hurtling towards a well-placed rock that acts as a ramp and sends it into the bin with a satisfying “plop”?

→ Down under, you cannot target kids when advertising sugary things.

To overcome this, we pushed and pushed until we were skirting the line between real and cartoony. Too real and they were a bit scary. Too stylized and they would get flagged. To convey emotion, without the help of human-like features, we used the bugs pincers as arms and the antennae as eyebrows.


Once the storyboards were locked we created concept art for each scene. This provided a great base for us to work from and set the tone for the film. Then we refined and added detail with matte paintings. Last we hit the ‘ol 3-D button and ding (!), we’re done.