eBay Collectibles Vault Trials


We teamed up with eBay Collectibles to build a marquee booth showcasing the eBay Vault at the Mint Collective — the pinnacle event of premier card trading. As the first major collaboration between Residence companies BUCK and VTProDesign, our activation celebrated the eBay Vault by melding the physical and digital — giving collectors an exciting chance to interact with their favorite cards.

The Challenge

The eBay Vault houses some of the most highly coveted (and expensive) trading cards in the world in a secure, climate-controlled facility. Traders are religious about their collections, but they often can’t physically see or touch the cards that they love and cherish.

So how do you let card enthusiasts experience the magic of the Vault without physically going there?

Our Solution

Let super-fans get up close and personal with the collections through VR. We tested users’ trading card knowledge with three fast-paced mini-games that gave a glimpse into the treasures hidden within the Vault. Plus, the person with the highest score could win a card from the Vault worth up to $500.

Residence was the one-stop shop for the job, using our design and tech wizardry to create an experience as epic in virtual reality as the Vault is in real life.

The coolest part of it all? Getting these cards into the virtual hands of traders who could only dream of holding them in real life.



Group Creative Director

Evan Boehm

Executive Producer

Daniell Phillips

Creative Director

Philip Sierzega

Associate Creative Director

Moses Journey


Pablo Martinez-Arastey

Rebecca Park

Production Coordinator

Dani Ortega

Art Director

Ana Gomez Bernaus

Mark Kulakoff

CG Lead

Elias Glasch

Lead Creative Technologist

Charlie Whitney

Kirin Robinson


David Evans


Thea Glad


Emilia Tonello

Maria de la Paz Vargas

Noel Núñez-Caba

Soyeon Kim

Concept Art

Tom Moore


Anthony Chester

Eugene Goryachev

3D Animation

Andy Kennedy

Eric Wang

2D Animation

Delainey Cummins

Raz Gadhyia

Vero Gómez

Creative Technologist

Jules Kris

Design Apprentice

Nancy Liu

Vickie Liu


Executive Creative Director

Alex Ilten

Executive Producer

Paul Elsberg


Julia Kiendl

Madeline Lavery

Senior Designer

Moodie Younis

Senior Programmer

Evan Gannon

Creative Technologist

Chris Benton

Fabrication Manager

Sam Koshfam



Daniel Bloch

Meitar Almog

Sound Design Studio

Sounds Delicious

Special Thanks

Creative Director

Fernando Bittar

Michael Highland

Art Director

Helena Dong

Sylvia Witter

Director of Creative Technology

Cameron Browning

Creative Technologist

Ian Sandstorm

Ryan Nelson

Lead Creative Technologist

Nick Pettit


Adam Webber

Eduardo Gooda

Gunnar Pettersson

Shelby Chan

Stan Chan


Brooke Kessler

Josephine Heintz

Creative Technologist



Billy Kostka

Junior 2D Animator

Maria Eugênia Franco