Meta x Fendi


BUCK crafted two Meta Spark AR experiences paying homage to Fendi’s Roman birthplace while celebrating the launch of their FW22 collection hero sneaker, the Fendi Faster.

Pencil Board

Style Frame

Animated Previs

Masterpiece by Fendi

Masterpiece by Fendi is an innovative AR effect geo-activated in Rome in front of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, home of Fendi's headquarters.

This experience is a tribute to Fendi’s deep connection with Rome and the classical arts and invites people to try their hand at sculpture. Modern Michelangelos shape a virtual block of stone from which the Fendi Faster sneakers take shape: a new masterpiece.

To seamlessly blend our virtual materials with the actual headquarters, BUCK poured over reference images matching the color and texture of the onsite travertine and marble stone.

Pencil Board

Style Frame

Final AR Effect

Faster by Fendi

Faster by Fendi is a scalable AR experience available for Stories and Reels on both Facebook and Instagram worldwide. Meta Spark’s hand and planar tracking capabilities allow people to have an interactive experience where they dig for hidden treasure (the Faster shoe) right under their feet!

These shoes look REAL

Fendi expected high visual fidelity, and BUCK delivered. We were meticulous with replicating the IRL shoe textures in our AR shoe. The same was true for the roughly-hewn marble version of the shoe. We wanted it to look as if a master sculptor had chipped it out of stone before magically transforming it into a digital replica.



Group Creative Director

Evan Boehm

Michelle Higa Fox

Executive Producer

Ryan McGrath

Creative Director

Jeni Wamberg

Philip Sierzega

Associate Creative Director

Joyce N. Ho

Senior Producers

Jamey Kitchens

Joseph Coleman

Rebecca Park

Art Director

Helena Dong

Director of Creative Technology

Cameron Browning

Brand Strategist

Tina Surelia

CG Supervisor

Justin Wilcott

Lead Creative Technologist

Haolin Fang

Kirin Robinson


Audrey Kang


Kejun Zhao

Tristyn Pease


Clara Bacou

Irmak Semiz

Joao Lavieri

Johana Kroft

Vini Nascimiento

Wesley Chen


Rui Huang

3D Animation

Carlos Moran Villanueva

Terence Ginja-Martinho

Conform Artist

Michael Dwass


Creative Strategist, Creative Shop

Cristina Baccelli

Program Manager, Spark AR Ecosystems

Matthew Gillikin

Strategic Partner Manager, Spark AR Ecosystems

Alina Savu

Project Manager, Creative Shop

Emma Saunders

Creative Technologist, Spark AR

Jerzy Pilch

Program Manager, Spark AR Ecosystems

Sophie Ye