Exetel Winning with Andy


An animation and character design to kick-off Australian internet provider Exetel’s brand new look and feel.

Reinvigorating the Brand

Exetel asked us to reimagine their brand identity to appeal to a younger, tech-savvy market. To drive their new direction, we developed two, relatable ‘best buds’ and the world they live in. Our mission was to create a versatile, modern, simple system that could easily transpose and scale for all forms of Exetel's future brand roll-outs.

Andy and Al

At the heart of Exetel’s new brand are the characters. Enter Andy, the exemplary Exetel customer. Youthful, friendly, nerdy and cool (if you squint just right.) To keep Andy company, we concocted “Al” (short for Algorithm), a shape-shifting cube that symbolizes the limitless potential of the internet.

To imbue Al with personality and a mode of communication, we gave him a ‘voice’ — a cluster of flashing cubes that can rearrange to conjure any object that Andy so desires.

The Exetel World

Exetel wanted a digital universe for Andy and Al to cohabitate. We created a world that felt sleek and modern — complete with rounded contours, polished surfaces and flashing lights. Its spacious, minimal design represents a sort of Matrix-esque ‘construct,’ a place where ideas are born and potential is limitless.


In addition to animation, we created a collection of print stills for Exetel’s brand. Each image features Andy and different rearrangements of his loyal pal, Al, to symbolize Exetel’s data speed and versatility.