Facebook IWD


We teamed up with the Factory to celebrate International Women’s Day at Facebook by amplifying groundbreaking women’s voices who didn’t get the credit they deserved. And in that spirit, it’s worth trumpeting that we did this with an All-Star, all-female team here at BUCK. We are women, hear us ROOOOOOOOAR.

From Big Mama to Grace Hopper

Historically, women have been passed over for their accomplishments and men have taken credit for their achievements. This piece shines a spotlight on these glaring omissions by celebrating these overlooked trailblazers.

The Style

We went with a mixed-media approach that blends cel animation, 2D, hand drawn typography, and photography.



Executive Creative Director

Ryan Honey

Managing Executive Producer

Maurie Enochson

Executive Producer

Emily Rickard

Creative Director

Jenny Ko


Sunny Sattari

Production Coordinator

Solana Braun

VFX Supervisor

Marc Steinberg

Art Director

Mark Kulakoff

Animation Director

Nick Petley

Peter Kallstrom


Audrey Yeo

Carlos Enciso

Cecilia Chang Lee

Gunnar Pettersson

Jenny Ko

Jerry Suh

Jigyu Yoon

Mark Kulakoff


Debora Cruchon

Fabian Molina

Jeni Wamberg

Junyi Xiao

Ken Pelletier

Kyle Strope

Louis Wesolowsky

Nick Petley

Peter Kallstrom

Scott Jonsson

Stephen Loveluck

Taylor Griggs

Vincent Tsui


Billy Kostka