MTV Elect This


MTV engaged BUCK’s collective talents to produce “Infographica,” the fluid, vibrant, data-focussed portion of their “Elect This” campaign for the 2016 election. We loved this project. The outcome of the election...not so much.

Dynamic Data Entry

We had carte blanche to get weird when creating this visual stew of issue-based animations. In addition to custom scripted versions, we created a robust and dynamic Infographic template system — a do-it-yourself graphic toolkit — so the team at MTV could plug in evolving facts and figures and easily release timely videos about the issues their viewers care about: Social Justice, Gay Marriage, Climate Change, Immigration, and Healthcare.

1. Infographica Promo ↓
2. Infographica Template Montage ↓

3. Rebuild it ↓

4. Your Body ↓

5. Social Media ↓

6. Patriotism ↓