Working with GoDaddy to develop a 3-D illustration style that works within their revamped brand identity. This library of illustrations will live primarily on the GoDaddy site, but are scalable to work across other mediums as well.

The illustrations serve to visually translate the products that GoDaddy offers to help build, grow, and manage your domain.

We concepted and developed over 150 designs. Each function as a visual interpretation of services including: web hosting, security, email marketing and site-building tools among others.

We balance the playful, surreal quality of the illustrations with a refined set of organizing principles. A common central composition, paired with a curated library of colors, materials, and patterns unifies the look into a beautiful and easily-identifiable brand style.



Executive Creative Director

Ryan Honey

Executive Producer

Emily Rickard

Creative Director

Jenny Ko

Robert Bisi

Sr. Producer

Nick Terzich

CG Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

Art Director

Mark Kulakoff

Animation Director

Alessandro Ceglia


Aaron Kemnitzer

Alvaro Navarro

Debora Cruchon

Fernando Bittar

Jean-Michel Verbeeck

Jong Lee

Mark Kulakoff

Martin Cusano

Nataly Menjivar

Ren Chen

Sol Lee

Trey Holt

Wing Sze Lee

3D Modeling & Look Development

Alfonso Petersen

Danka Chiang

Jens Lindgren


Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

Juan Carlos Barraza Mendoza

3D Animation

Adam Webber

Alvaro Navarro

Ashley Anderson

Billy Mahoney