Harry's Razors


Harry’s makes beautiful razors that don’t look like robot-spaceships. We developed illustration and animation styles that channel their straightforward approach to product design while mixing in a healthy dose of the brand’s trademark charm.

Not the Same

We devoloped a line art illustration style rooted in Harry’s trademark mammoth logo: black ink on white paper.

Honest and direct. Considered shapes that are not quite perfect but still just right. Textured fills that feel brushed by an artist’s hand.

The Stache-O-Pede

Nothing delivers charm quite like traditional cel animation. Combine that with a client that loves the idea of a giant mustache with ten legs (the stache-o-pede®) and you’ve got a recipe for good times.

A Hint of Live Action

Harry’s wanted a bit of live action chocolate in their animation peanut butter. So for each spot we created an animated doppleganger of the talent.

These characters personify what makes Harry’s razors amazing: comfort, value, and durability. They also sport an inspiring array of facial hair stylings.


We had more fun than should be legal exploring how to convey the comfort your face feels when you shave with Harry’s.

We ultimately landed on a clutch of feathers that fan across our hero’s face in an elegant kiss of softness. Ahhhhhhh.

And the moisture of the aloe strip is evoked by fountains erupting behind our hero as he strikes a “Burt Reynolds pose.”


The durability spot was all about how Harry’s razors hold up shave after shave.

We felt we had no choice but to open up the space time continuum and show our hero shaving next to multiple versions of his future and past selves.

As long as his mom doesn’t fall in love with him, we should be alright.



Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Kitty Dillard

Russell Greene

Creative Director

Sean McClintock


Andre Araujo

Irka Seng

Tess Sitzmann

Art Director

Yeojin Shin

2D Animation Lead

Mercy Lomelin

Tucker Klein

3D Lead

Filipe Machado


Christy Lundy

Trystin Pease

Tucker Klein


Aran Quinn

Julia Chu

Julia Mattos

Yeojin Shin

Zach Rosebrugh


Fabio Wasques

Look Development

Fabio Wasques

Filipe Machado


Filipe Machado

Katriel Smith

Shane O'Hara

3D Animation

Katherine Guggenberger

AE Animation

Adrian Moran

David Stumpf

Diego Abad

Fabien Rousseau

Meitar Almog

Mercy Lomelin

Cel Animation

David Stumpf

Deco Daviola

Fabien Rousseau

Tinghe Yang

Tucker Klein


Dave Conte

Peter Brandi

Assistant Editor

Audrey McHale

Technical Director

Jose Fuentes

Paal Rui

Production Coordinator

Jennifer Blackwell

Finishing Artist

Michael Dwass

Live Action

Line Producer

Brian Bennhoff

Director of Photography

Zach Stolzfus


Eric Perini

Head of Production - Live Action

Trish Rigby

1st AC

Carey Hu


Dominick Pietrzak

Script Supervisor

Jennifer Blackwell

Wardrobe Stylist

Bree Perry

Hair & Makeup

Robert Moulton

Stage Manager

John Bajana


Jimmy Mulhollan


Cameron Mason

Gregory Kowlessar

Ryan Avalos


Dave Conte




Executive Creative Director

Anthony Sperduti

Creative Director

John Figone

Senior Account Manager

Bridie Picot


Adam Alshin


Andrew Wilcox