To promote HBO’s adaptation of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ acclaimed memoir, “Between the World & Me,” BUCK condensed the author’s pride, grief, and empowerment into a potent trailer.

Between the World & Me

First published in 2015, “Between the World & Me” was written as a letter to Coates’ teenage son, and chronicles the author’s experience of growing up Black in Baltimore—a stinging reflection of the pervasive violence and systematic injustice boiling at the national scale.

Direct, raw, and authentic

Grounded in a textural backdrop with a minimal palette, the trailer uses a mixed-media approach reminiscent of collaged scrapbooks and protest posters to establish a tone of unrehearsed authenticity.

In every frame, the touch of a human hand is evident. From gestural typography to painterly illustrations, the style strikes an artful balance between joyful celebration and strident warning.



Group Creative Director

Joe Mullen

Executive Producer

Nick Carmen

Associate Creative Director

Kenesha Sneed


Jazeel Gayle


Ayla Murtada

Jamiel Law

Jasper Hilgers

Julia Mattos

Lauren Gaballo

Marcus Collins

Mark Kulakoff

Sam Bass

Sung Hyun Kim

2D Animation Lead

Esteban Esquivo

2D Animation

Griffin Giersch

Josh Parker

Laury Santoso

Lennon Valinhas

Louise Clark

Pablo Robleto

Patrick Knip

Preston Brown

Sam Bass

Cel Animation

Griffin Giersch

Lennon Valinhas

Creative Technologist

Daniel Vettorazi