It Comes Naturally” gives a soulful nod to SheaMoisture’s roots, celebrating the strength and resilience of black women from yesterday to today.

An illustrated herstory

To craft the spot, we had the honor of animating artwork from six talented Black artists: Monica Ahanonu, Rachelle Baker, Bisa Butler, Alexis Eke, Linda Mawala, and Reyna Noriega.

From still to motion

Translating still artwork to rich, moving images wasn’t easy. In one early experiment, our creative technologists used machine-learning algorithms to map facial expressions to illustrations.

Rolling up our sleeves

In the end, our 2D and 3D animation teams crafted bespoke approaches to each illustration. The result is a dense tapestry of hand-fashioned art and motion befitting the SheaMoisture brand.

Artist Instagrams

Monica Ahanonu
Rachelle Baker
Bisa Butler



Executive Creative Director

Orion Tait

Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Head of Production

Kitty Dillard


Jess Pierik

Art Director

Debora Cruchon

Chief Innovation Officer

Fredrik Frizell


Debora Cruchon

Mercy Lomelin

Thea Glad


Debora Cruchon

Senior 3D Lead

John Karian

Lighting/Composite Lead

Chris Ribar

3D Modeling

Bryan Eck

Filipe Machado


Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

Look Development & Lighting

Chris Ribar

John Karian

Joy Tien

Shane O'Hara

Ylli Orana

Senior Animation Lead

Mercy Lomelin

3D Animation

Anton Tokar

John Karian

Kevin Nguyen

2D Animation

Mercy Lomelin

Vero Gómez

Cel Animation

Lizzi Akana

Mercy Lomelin

Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma

Thea Glad

Animation Intern

Delainey Cummins

Nicole Pappas

Senior Creative Technologist

Daniel Vettorazi

Matthew Hermans

Creative Technologist

Kellan Cartledge

Director of Creative Technology

Michael Delaney

Technical Director

Ben Rohel

BBDO New York

Executive Creative Director

Daniela Vojta

Susan Young


Oyinda Oluwa

Executive Producer

Melissa Tifrere

Senior Business Affairs Manager

Heather Weissman


Music Company

Big Sync Music

Music Title

SheaMoisture - "It Comes Naturally"


Crystal Caines

Music Supervisor

Alex Menck

Music Coordinator

Breanna McFarlane

Audio Company

Sonic Union

Voiceover Artist

Mia Bankston

Mix Engineer

David Papa

Studio Director

Justine Cortale