House of Honey


California-based House of Honey wanted to create a celebratory, inviting, and bold brand system for their interior design firm that incorporated their love of art, fashion, and vintage interiors. Ready for a full departure from their previously minimalistic approach to branding, we set out to create a maximalist system that honored the various styles of their clients and projects and celebrated the art of gathering.

Expressive and bold

Excited to create something fresh, we partnered with the client to refine the aesthetic approach in a collaborative way. Informed by their love of fashion and art we went for a maximalist look — bold, expressive and unapologetic. The rich palette, with its playful pops of neon, worked well with our sophisticated gestural scripts that helped to elevate the overall look.

Gather round

One of House of Honey’s main goals is to design moments with playful possibilities, spaces with soul that attract gathering — and that was the exact system we set out to create. One that felt playful with a multitude of possibilities for color pairings, logo use, and system tools. The end result was a rich, soulful, and ownable look.

Finding the Sweet Spot

Right off the bat, we knew we were on the same page as the House of Honey team. Their impeccable taste and experience in a creative industry established an immediate sense of trust, and we found a really enjoyable balance of making the creative process a fun exploration that consistently produced the goods and emphasized productivity.

For the website, we got to work with Replica—a hybrid studio focused on design, communications, and research with (almost) as many global HQs as BUCK. Their clean, elevated aesthetic sat perfectly with the vision we shared with House of Honey—and the elements came together beautifully on the live site.

The sweet, sweet extras

The additional bits and pieces that come during or after a project can serve as great reminders of the fun we had immersing ourselves in the process. For House of Honey, the work was focused on their brand and image, which meant we got to design some fun “extras” as part of the overall branding exercise like candles, room spray, posters, matchbooks, and even custom monogrammed napkins.

The end result

The end result was a holistic system with a look and feel that hits on all of the brand goals of creating a sense of invitation, warmth, and being unapologetically themselves in the space they are creating for. We loved working with House of Honey and showing off more of our range in the branding space.



Group Creative Director

Camille Chu

Associate Creative Director

Emily Simms

Art Director

Abbie Winters


Wesley Chen

Executive Producer

Justin Harris

Senior Producer

Mackenzie Kuzman

Brand Consultancy

The Creative Culture

Web Design