IBM Leadership Agenda


Talking head interviews can be boring. People don’t like boring. That’s where we come in like John Wick with bandoliers of stop-motion interrobangs slung across our chest. Let’s party.

We spent a lot of time with Ogilvy, NY thinking about things like digital destinations, outmaneuvering markets, cognitive stepping stones and legacy systems. You know, normal things.

So the question posed to us was simple: how can we spice up these expert testimonials about IBM’s Cognitive platforms?

Our answer came in the form of a toolkit we created consisting of over 40 animated GIF-like interludes that could be peppered throughout the edit.

We like to think of them as a big box of friendly design punctuation: Graphic question marks! 3-D commas! Stop-motion interrobangs!

Neccessity is the mother of invention...

By diving deep into interviews and the IBM literature we were able to draw up sample scripts focused on keywords, themes, and commonalities that we thought were most likely to be discussed in the yet-to-be- recorded interviews so we could pre-bake the oven and meet our deadlines.

Modular and flexible →

Our toolkit also had to be modular in order to play well with the interview edits.

We went with a mixed media approach that included stop-motion, 2-D, and 3-D. We also employed a variety of palettes to give them maximum flexibility.