01. Internet ↓

The Internet

With loads of splatter and spray paint, clay bricks, wood, lasers, and a sprinkle of LOLcats, we were able to create a set of very diverse looks that helped us represent a small slice of the infinite expanse that is the Internet.

02. Hub ↓

What do you want from the internet?

For our second spot in the campaign we asked YOU, the public, what you wanted the internet to be. The good news is we got those glittery unicorns you ordered. The bad news...yeah, about that utopia...

We. Love. Collaboration. This is the perfect example of what we can accomplish when we put a diverse group of people and styles together for the purpose of creating something AWESOME.

To mirror the patchwork makeup of the internet itself we divided the structure of the narrative into modules assigned to different teams. This allowed us to work on multiple sections simultaneously while producing a variety of different looks. The result of this hive mind approach is a reflection of the internet itself.