When Instagram wanted to start making AR masks for their users, they called on our creatives to help them get in the game.

Cut to a year and a half later and Instagram is throwing their AR weight around with a complete lineup of BUCK-designed filters. Flashy, freaky, and furry.

Ever since, we have been working with the Instagram team to concept and create new AR effects. So next time you pose for a selfie with animal ears, think of us.

Three years.
150 + filters.
Hundreds of millions of social impressions.

BUCK also works directly with individuals and brands to make ‘partnership’ filters that fans can launch from the partner’s Instagram page.

BUCK-designed filters have been made for individuals, brands, live events, and film and television projects like...

→ Rihanna
→ Taylor Swift
→ Will Smith
→ Maddie Ziegler
→ Fenty
→ Lincoln
→ Off White
→ Buzz Feed
→ Coachella
→ Refinery 29
→ Disney
→ The Tonight Show
→ Grey’s Anatomy
→ Pretty Little Liars

The mix of design, animation, and code is an exciting opportunity. BUCK has a sizable creative technology team that is working with brands directly to create content with their emerging technologies