Microsoft Surface Laptop 5


When our frequent collaborators at Microsoft needed a campaign for their new Surface laptops, we conjured up some visual metaphors and packaged them into a smooth, ASMR-style film. Hit that like and subscribe button.

Mixing Mediums

The goal was to capture the features of Microsoft’s Surface through natural and organic elements that appeared as a mix of both technological and raw materials. The blend of 3D and live action gave us the freedom to explore this mix as we composed abstract, magical moments in the design process.

This was an exciting reimagining of the product’s main features. Eventually, we fused them together with a human-perspective for the live-action sequences.

Finding the Flow

When we hit upon the theme of “spectrum lighting” and a play on color, everything fell into place. These design themes became the connective tissue throughout the film and represented the distinctive essence of the Microsoft product.

It was also an exercise in editorial storytelling that was informed by the designs and visuals. We were constantly looking for interesting ways to cut and transition through shots and keep the story moving, with our focus on the product’s features.

Prime Time to Iterate

Divining the best interpretations of the product’s features came with iteration, and lots of it. We spent oodles of time on design and R&D coming up with the best way to showcase and explain each feature. Design, animation, and render went hand-in-hand, refining all the way up until delivery.

Our partners

We couldn’t ask for a better collaboration — from our amazing clients at Microsoft to our rotoscoping masters at Rotomaker and our music partners at Sounds Like These — this was a smooth operation from stem to stern.



Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Russell Greene

Creative Director

Dan Gregoras

Associate Creative Director

Guillermo Zapiola


Adam Hughes

Gwynne Evans Reid

Associate Producer

Chloe Soares

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Bill Dorais

Art Director

Chris Phillips


Tucker Klein


Auron Luxe

Hogan Williams

Johana Kroft

Nachei Sanchez

Tom Moore

Will Burkart

Technical Director

Jose Fuentes


Carl Mok

Jeff Billon

Tamir Sapir

3D Animation

Auron Luxe

Hogan Williams

Nachei Sanchez

Will Burkart

2D Animation

Bran Dougherty-Johnson


Cameron Kelly


Michael Dwass


Music Studio

Sounds Like These

Audio Mix

Sounds Like These