Microsoft Teams


Celebrating the ‘power of we’, we helped Microsoft relaunch their powerful Teams app.

Partnering with Microsoft’s product and creative teams, BUCK was tasked with crafting a story, and designing and conceptualizing a campaign that centered around the joy of connection, togetherness, and the playfulness of the Teams app.

BUCK worked with Microsoft to craft a narrative of a modern-day family coming together virtually to plan a birthday party.

With young families as the key audience, it was important for moments of levity and self-expression to be featured, in addition to the daily productivity that Microsoft Teams is known for. The story weaved in key Teams app functions, such as tasks, emoji reactions, and Together Mode.

Live Action & 3D

This was an ambitious concept that involved a live action shoot, complete with stylized set design where our cast of family members were taking their Teams calls. It also included elevated 3D animation designed to fit in with the live action, and be the connective thread throughout the narrative.

The campaign epitomized Microsoft’s ‘power of we’ — highlighting the idea that we’re so much more together than we are as individuals.


Executive Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Associate Creative Director

Joyce N. Ho

Stevie Watkins

Senior Producer

Alex Decaneas

Art Director

Emily Simms

CG Supervisor

Bill Dorais

Chris Phillips


Ida Zhu

Joseph Remnant


Alex Perry

Guillermo Zapiola

Hogan Williams

Patrick Sluiter

Pedro Veneziano

Taylor James

Tim Krakowiak

Zuheng Yin


Anton Tokar

Ida Zhu

John Karian

2D Animation

David Hobizal

Kyle Snider

3D Modeling

Arvid Volz

Bryce Pemberton

Manon Sailly

3D Animation

Anton Tokar

Guillermo Zapiola

Hogan Williams

Ida Zhu

John Karian

Patrick Sluiter

Pedro Veneziano

Taylor James

Will Burkart

Zuheng Yin


Joy Tien

Kat Smith

Shane O'Hara


Chris Russo

Editorial / Finishing

Dave Conte

Jose Fuentes


Seth Ricart

Color Producer

Sheina Dao

Live Action

Line Producer

Brian Bennhoff

Director of Photography

Adam Carboni

Set Design

Marie-Yan Morvan


Music Studio


Song Title

Tangerine Tabletop


Bennett Fisher Eiferman

Wilson Montgomery Brown

Executive Producer

Sue Lee


Kat Horn