Misfits Market


Almost a third of food grown in the U.S. never gets harvested because it doesn’t meet the superficial standards of a traditional grocery store. That’s nuts. (And also tomatoes. And zucchini.) This brand film celebrates how Misfits Market has worked out a better food system that gets high-quality, responsibly sourced goods to your door for less.

The Two-Headed Eggplant

From the odd-shaped veggies to the hyper-curated food producers and quirky brands, Misfits offers a beautiful diversity that we wanted to celebrate.

Misfit beauty

We injected a lot of quirk into our approach, and our directing decisions are flush with odd choices that feel Misfits-y. From the expressive design and animation to the custom typography and the stop-motion feel—we wanted the whole thing to feel like something Misfits would pick up and squeeze.

Developing the look.

We were trying to take the brand voice and art direction into exciting and unexpected places, so we experimented with a variety of animation and photography techniques in order to develop the look. We were shooting for art-forward and elegant, but not snooty. Or snotty.

Cutting out the middle man.

Our crackerjack Strategy department got in early and dug deep working directly with Misfits. Before long, we generated some brand recommendations followed by treatments and some look dev. Next we pulled ref, spun up some scripts, and got to doing what we do best.



Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Joe Nash


Andre Araujo

Tess Sitzmann

Production Coordinator

Hayley Newett

Jennifer Blackwell

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Bill Dorais

Art Director

Arielle Casale

Emily Suvanvej

Brand Strategist

Tina Surelia

CG Lead

Chris Ribar


Logan O'Brien


Emily Suvanvej

Thomas Schmid


Abbie Winters

Arielle Casale

Emily Suvanvej

Lourenco Providencia

Shalinder Matharu

Yeojin Shin

Zack Williams


Irmak Semiz


Jamil Primas

Shane O'Hara


Chris Ribar

Herculano Fernandes

Jeff Billon

Kyle Snider


Matt Parent

3D Animation

Chris Ribar

2D Animation

Kyle Snider


Talia Mazzarella

Technical Director

Jose Fuentes

Photo Editor

Emily Simms

Live Action

Line Producer

Kyle McGuiness

Director of Photography

Bil Thompson


Arielle Casale

Benjamin Kress

Emily Suvanvej

Tim McDonald

Stop Motion Animator

Kyle Snider

Food Stylist

Nora Singley

Food Stylist Assistant

Bretton Scott

Supervising Producer

Zoe Katz

Art Department Assistant

Koren Harpaz

VFX Supervisor

Chris Ribar

Studio Manager

John Bajana


Alexis Mansen

Hair & Makeup

Merli Estime


Music Studio

Sounds Like These


Joe Connor

Sound Design Studio

Sounds Like These

Sound Designer

Oli Slack


Sam Heath

Audio Mix

Joe Connor

Oli Slack


RCO Colorist:

Seth Ricart


Sheina Dao