Thorne, maker of health supplements and at-home testing kits, came to us for a brand film. They walked out with an entire motion system and an expansive toolkit that could carry them into the future.

Health, Redefined.

When we did an audit of Thorne’s assets it became clear that the brand film was putting the cart before the horse.

The big question was this...

How do we build a visual system that works within their brand guidelines — premium and elevated — that doesn’t feel cold and tech-y?

Crafting a story at the intersection of art, science, and nature.

To transform the brand, we brought in tactility, warm colors, organic lines and shapes, raw ingredients, and a fluidity between micro and macro scales. We put it through the lens of art and photography. And most important of all, we brought in a human touch. These all combined to produce a look we call ‘warm science.’

Arriving here took a lot of time and exploration. We studied the ingredients and used aerial photography to capture their sources. We built abstract sculptures to recreate natural forms. And we crafted an animation system from the ground up to make them real. And we did it all remotely! This was one of our first biggest Covid era challenges.

Web Montage ↓

Reason to believe ↓

Reason to believe

Did we say ‘soup to nuts’? Cause we did all the scriptwriting too — and cutouts, each with a separate focus:

  1. Hero campaign scripts
  2. Testing
  3. Performance
  4. Ingredient quality

Design boards vs. Storyboards

We created incredibly detailed boards early on that included color corrected found imagery, collage, and almost final type design because we wanted Thorne to be able to see exactly where we were going early on.

Design within the structure of social deliverables.

We built everything to be customizable for all potential media. An expandable content system including animation and typography that would translate seamlessly to social posts.

A rich collaboration.

We developed a deep, collaborative partnership with Thorne along the way — building this rebrand with them from the ground up. The work went beyond a client/agency/studio relationship. We were partners working hand-in-hand to create a lasting system that could carry the brand into the future.