The Oreo. What better way to express our unconditional love for the world’s favourite cookie than a roller-coaster ride of the imagination? Buckle-up, it’s time for lift-off.

Twist and shout

Twisting Oreos conjures up a nostalgia that most of us can relate to. We ventured into the mind of a child to capture the magic and wonder we all remember in these tasty 3-D morsels for Oreo in China.

We composited 3-D characters with detailed matte paintings to create a world that felt utopian. We pushed for a moody tone where everything felt lit by a rich sunset glow, and used concept art to help us visualise.

We balanced the fine line between realistic and stylised when designing our characters. We wanted them relatable but expressive, so followed the contours of realistic anatomy whilst scaling the eyes and facial features to dial up the playfulness.

And what would a kid be without a cute bunny phone or some backpack badges?


Coming soon!