A fresh “Cola Expression.”

We set strict rules: everything had to be captured in-camera using the most advanced motion control techniques to explore a fresh “Cola Expression” for a new generation.

Social First Approach
With over 50 social deliverables and extensive localization for a global social takeover, we led with a modular narrative structure that could drive the entire creative process for the campaign.

The key visuals for the new brand launch featured lifestyle photography, iconography, copy, product, “Cola Expression," and kinetic type. Our solution was an editorial mashup that layered everything together for maximum impact. And zero sugar, of course.

Bold. Daring. Vibrant. Quick-witted.

These were our North Stars as we introduced each new element into our visual language. Our “Cola Expression” went through rounds and rounds of test shoots and rigs to find an ideal shot list that pushed the envelope for how liquid is captured in this space.