In the winter of 2019, Sonos launched their first mobile, cordless, take-it-anywhere speaker. Sonos quality with total freedom of movement. Music around the campfire? Check. Watching movies on the back patio? Check. Podcasts in the shower? Check. Radio in the bathtub? What have you got, a death wish?!

We wanted the camera to be constantly moving between spaces, reinforcing the idea of freedom of movement. So we built a library of camera moves and a system that allows us to seamlessly transition from live action vignettes to album content to graphics/ typography and back again.

The ‘echo lines’ served two functions. First, as a representation of the content emanating from the device out into our world, and second, as a transitional framing device.

But when it came to echoes emitting from a silhouette, it became tricky when considering camera movements because the silhouette of the object changes as the camera moves. So we designed a system that recalculated the silhouette frame by frame.


Coming soon!