Picnic Illustrations


Picnic, one of Europe’s leading online supermarkets and the veritable ‘Supermarket on Wheels,’ wanted to revitalize their brand and identity. So, we cooked up a collection of illustrated goodies that included a unique illustration language owned by the brand, a database of Foodie Friends and other bespoke characters, a magazine, and an app. Oh, and a big mural for the Dutch King’s viewing pleasure as he unveiled the brand’s new food centre.

RUNNER'S UP! Some character development for PicNic's hero, Peter.
We added a new member to his team, who brought some “cool Rihanna” to jibe with his “clumsy Phil Dunphy.”



Executive Creative Director

Vincent Lammers

Executive Producer

Chance Woodward

Creative Director

Ward Graumans


Katie Liston

Art Director

Estefan Richter

Simon Buijs


Anna Moessnang

Mijke Coebergh