Tony's Chocolonely


60 seconds could change the world (of chocolate). This animated explainer shows why the time is now for a revolution in the cocoa farming industry.

When Tony's Chocoloney launched a line of limited edition chocolate bars that looked suspiciously familiar, the confectionary world raised a collective eyebrow.

It’s wasn’t just a clever stunt, it was a rallying cry to eradicate slavery and child-labor from the cocoa industry—which has been the mission of Tony’s Chocoloney since its inception.

BUCK was honored to partner with HERC agency and Tony’s Chocoloney to craft an animation explaining the “Sweet Solution,” Tony’s 5 Sourcing Principles that enable any chocolate manufacturer to make slave-free, fair-trade chocolate the new normal.

Crafting the visuals

Since the launch of its first chocolate bar in 2005, the Tony’s Chocolonley brand has used bold, primary colors and chunky block typography to shout from candy store aisles around the world.

We embraced this playfully minimalist aesthetic in our design process. Illustrations were reduced to their essential forms, and animation was pared down to snappy, pose-to-pose moments with little to no in-betweening.

The result is a visual language that echoes the no-nonsense but friendly tone of the Tony’s Chocolonely brand.

Sign the petition

Want to make slave-free chocolate the law? Sign Tony’s petition for 100% responsibility and make your voice heard.