Pinterest Trend Report


Meet Pinterest Predicts: a not-yet-trending report featuring the biggest 24 trends for 2024. Because people come to Pinterest to plan, they have unique insight into what’s next. In fact, for the last 4 years, 80% of their predictions came true!

Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest partnered with BUCK for the creation of 24 hero trend visuals and campaign videos, forming the visual foundation of this year's Pinterest Predicts report and its wider campaign.

Each trend provides insight into what’s next for publishers, brands and retailers who use them for everything from informing their own trend reports to developing products, merchandising, and ad campaigns.

To create these iconic visuals we blended custom 3D and 2D illustrations, vividly bringing each trend narrative to life. Our journey took us through an array of imaginative worlds, from whimsical kitschy kitchens and volcanoes spewing chrome lava, to surreal, other-worldly landscapes and a mesmerizing spectacle of neon jellyfish.

Early Design Explorations

Each trend offered us a lot to work with. We began with sketches to imagine all the ways in which these trends could be brought to life. The trend name needed to be thoughtfully integrated into each 3D scene, as well as potentially shoppable objects from each trend. Below are a few of our favorite initial concepts.

The Campaign

Once the trend visuals were established, we then worked on three campaign videos to help promote and raise awareness of the report. The concept? ‘Don’t let the next big thing sneak up on you.’

The first campaign asset was a :15 second, mesmerizing teaser film that transports the viewer through three of the hero trend worlds: Groovy Nuptials, Hot Metals, and Be Jelly.

Invasion of the Biggies

Building upon the idea of not letting the next big trend sneak up on you, we created three Invasion of the Biggie films, where a seemingly ordinary and boring scene is transformed by an unexpected Sneaky Biggie, triggering a full trend world take over.

Flipping Biggies

Lastly, we created a quick-hitting and playful, word mark animation utilizing custom type from each trend.



Executive Producer

Justin Harris

Group Creative Director

Steve Day

Creative Directors

Jennifer Whitney

Associate Creative Director

Mollie Ableman


Fernanda Garcia Lopez

Mackenzie Kuzman

Tracy Clifton

Associate Producer

Laura Garcia Lopez

Flo Fusco

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

3D Supervisor

Marc Steinberg

Senior Art Director

Kevin Heo

Art Director

Namita Devadas

Sung Hyun Kim

3D Lead

Kien Hoang

3D Technical Director

Jens Lindgren


Tristyn Pease

Lanny Markasky

Syd Fini


Mike Campau

Gunnar Pettersson

Jim Lind

Ben Nichols

James Levy

Jong Lee

Concept Art & Design

Marcus Collins

3D Designer

Vini Nascimiento

Amanda Goodreau

Harrison Grant

Daniel Crane

Nejc Polovsak

Mario Domingos

Bryce Walhof

Seba Morales

Kien Hoang

Chloe Tu

Kevin Heo

Carlos Moran Villanueva

2D Animation

Min Kim

3D Animation

Jiawen Liang

Andy Hahn

Adam Webber

Jacky Jackson

Dan Darling


Rui Huang

Chloe Tu

Carlos Moran Villanueva

Jacky Jackson

Jiawen Liang

Kien Hoang

CG Generalist

Sana Srinivasan

Rui Huang

Jiawen Liang

Animation Studio

Music & Sound Design