Mr. Peanut is back, baby. And he’s dropping the Planters Super Bowl Budget on ‘A Nut Above’ — a campaign to recognize and reward others for extraordinary acts.

In teasers and an announcement film, we worked hard to crack an ambitious story —the life and death, and subsequent rebirth of Mr. P. The end result was like butter.

A little cinematic grandeur.

Mr. Peanut dates back to 1916 and has always had an old-timey feel. We wanted to give him a modern update. Something bold and graphic with strong compositions and creamy transitions so we looked at everything from Saul Bass to the credit sequence from Captain America to bring this icon out of his shell.



Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Head of Production

Kitty Dillard


Lucas Ajemian

CG Supervisor

Bill Dorais

Art Director

Cecilia Chang Lee

CG Lead / Animation Director

John Karian

2D Animation Lead

Diego Abad


Diego Abad

Ida Zhu

Thomas Schmid

Tucker Klein


Cecilia Chang Lee

Enle Li

Zuheng Yin

CG Generalist

Eugene Goryachev


Filipe Machado


Juan Carlos Barraza Mendoza


Eugene Goryachev

Joy Tien

Katriel Smith

3D Animation

Anthony Travieso

Hillary McCarthy

Ida Zhu

John Karian

Kevin Nguyen

Matt Parent

2D Animation

Johan Eriksson

Kyle Snider

Mercy Lomelin

Sean Merk

Taylor James

Online Editor

Paal Rui