Sunbites Hail the Sun


It’s not everyday when we get asked to make a prequel to a BUCK favorite but when we got the offer to expand the Sunbite Cinematic Universe, we jumped at the chance.

Whole Lotta Love (and Wholegrains.)

The focus of our first spot for Sunbites was the sun itself. In this one, the sun shares the stage with the wholegrain (and all natural) seed. But the real star of the piece is the bright, vibrant, palette that brings a zesty, fun energy to the spot.

3D Seeds? Oh yeah.

In order to make the seeds pop we went with a mixed media execution — 2-D design with 3-D seeds — to give it that extra umpf.

We did three seed designs: oats, corn, and wheat.

This was going to be a music driven piece so we came up with this fun, story-driven song cue — a magical moment when the seeds flower into an assortment of multigrain plants. We thought the farmer could have an instrument that would bring the plants (and the spot) to life.

And we even gave him a best friend to fetch it for him.



Executive Creative Director

Gareth O'Brien

Executive Producer

Erica Ford


Jordan Howes

Art Director

Glen Miralles


Derek Lau

Glen Miralles

James Boorman

3D Animation

Bryce Pemberton

Manon Sailly

Tim Krakowiak

2D Animation

Aleksander Saharovsky

Derek Lau

Glen Miralles

James Boorman