The PS1 changed gaming forever. It pulled us out of the 8-bit ‘80s and bridged the gap to the modern era of realistic graphics.

The concept was to begin with a celestial ‘Big Bang’ and transition, like our slimey and furry forefathers, from out of the water into a primitive jungle before eventually achieving civilization. All along the way, we follow classic Playstation heroes (shoutout to KING!) as they engage in a madhouse race from medieval times through a modern city and into a sci-fi future — all environments inspired by these classic games.

In order to capture this wonderful and weird moment in the history of vids, we did a deep dive into Playstation — deconstructing hardware and software to discover the secret sauce that inspires such a loyal fan base decades later. We strived to authentically replicate the look and feel of the PS1 universe while simultaneously making it feel visually current and alive.

Glitches get stitches...

In order to be faithful to the spirit of PS1 we even worked to replicate and embrace the technical limitations of the device, the weird glitches and 90’s transitions, to give it that real deal feel.