Qualcomm Animating 5G


5g is a pretty big deal, a seismic shift in wireless that will affect many aspects of our lives. Who better to explain what 5g is all about, and Qualcomm’s defining role in its launch, than their lead engineers?

“It’s a unified connectivity fabric that connects everything and everyone to each other.”

In this series of animated interviews, two of Qualcomm's leading engineers dig deep into the nitty gritty of the network and what it will mean for all of us.

All hail Disco Durga.

“The idea that it’s not just people communicating with each other. But what if things communicate with themselves, with each other, and with humans around them.”

- Durga Malladi SVP of Engineering & GM

Ep 01. Breaking Through ↓

Breaking Through →

In episode 1, we interview Durga Malladi SVP of Engineering & GM 5G / 4G on the history of cell networks and what to expect from the launch of 5g.

Ep. 02. Millimeter Wave ↓

Millimeter Wave →

In episode 2, Durga takes a deep dive into the use of millimeter wave bands in 5g. He breaks down their behavior, and how their implementation will allow users freedom of movement and maximal bandwidth.

Ep. 03. Low Latency ↓

Low Latency →

For our last episode, we sit down with Vanitha, VP of Engineering, as she drops science on 5g’s Low Latency. Specifically how less gap time will revolutionize communication.

“Think about mission critical applications, like remote robotic surgeries. How quickly you can respond is extremely important because that could be a life and death scenario”

— Vanitha Kumar VP Engineering


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