It’s hard for younguns to understand how different life was in the United States before she came along. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away in the fall of 2020, we created a microsite from the ground up to celebrate her life and trumpet her amazing accomplishments.

rbg.buck.co ↗

The Impact of an Icon

Before Ruth Bader Ginsburg, men and women had very different rights in the good ol’ USA. So did gay people. And people of color. RBG was a lifelong champion of equality and pushed America to live up to its ideals for a more equal society. BUCK artists illustrated a series of commemorative portraits highlighting her impact on our country and its history.

A Living Legacy

RBG’s impact lives on, and this side-scrolling story with actionable links empower anyone to not only learn more about her legacy but to get in the fight for a more perfect union.



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