Rémy Martin Mixtape


We teamed up with Rémy Martin to celebrate 50 years of hip hop and the launch of the VSOP Mixtape Volume 3 Limited Edition collectible through the Mixtape Street Art Museum, a traveling augmented reality exhibit, showcasing the legacies of eight legendary DJs across five cities.

We channeled the DIY aesthetic of early mixtape culture, chopping up visuals as much as DJs do their music. We were drawn to a collaged feel — cutting, coloring, overlaying, distorting, and generally embracing the spirit of the early mixtape heyday through a contemporary lens.

Not only do DJs bring their unique stories when creating a mixtape, but the act of remixing samples rises from a rich history of Black music, as modern artists showcase their predecessors’ continuing influence on music history. We alluded to the process of mixing by laying a path of collaged elements united by rhythm, movement, and style.

The ribbon of the cassette tape was a vital element of the campaign, so we used that as a thread through the :30 spot. Starting with a cassette going into a deck, with a press of REC, the ribbon launches into action and leads us through four New York DJs, interwoven with a collaged backdrop of hip hop culture.



Group Creative Director

Michelle Higa Fox

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Daniell Phillips

Kitty Dillard

Ryan McGrath

Creative Director

Kendra Ryan

Associate Creative Director

Doug Hindson

Eric Chang


Alexi Yeldezian

Gwynne Evans Reid

Pablo Martinez-Arastey

Ryan Hitch

Production Coordinator

Dani Ortega

Featured Artist

Xia Gordon

Art Director

Helena Dong

Jigyu Yoon

Lead Creative Technologist

Charlie Whitney

Matt Kenefick

2D Animation Lead

Paola Chen Li

Rafael Araujo


Ben Nichols

Fernando Utreras

Haeri Cho

Jigyu Yoon

Marcus Collins

Maria de la Paz Vargas

Nikko Gary

Rémi Sorbet

Xia Gordon

Yukyung Lee

3D Artists

Jesseter Wang

Ryan Musselman

2D Animation/After Effects

Morgan Allison

Paola Chen Li

Rafael Araujo

Vero Gómez

2D Animation/Cel

Shelby Chan

Tinghe Yang

Creative Technologist

Haolin Fang


Cameron Kelly

Dave Conte

Peter Brandi