Roman Wellness


Roman Men’s Healthcare approached us to help them create a spot promoting their new, exclusive partnership with Walmart — their first time being sold in a retail store. We were excited to be chosen for another first — the brand’s first foray into character-based storytelling.

Our doods.

For this 30 second spot (and assorted other deliverables) we created three 3D characters: Wyatt, Kevin, and James. We strived to imbue each of them with unique charm and personality since they all share the same body and features and instead are defined by their hair, wardrobe, accessories, and lifestyles:

Wyatt (the pool lounger)
Kevin (the car enthusiast)
James (our WFH superstar)

In the Pharma world, it’s not everyday you work with an A+ client. Between wrangling their legal team and giving us the creative freedom to thrive, Roman was a dream client.



Creative Director

Yker Moreno

CG Lead / Supervisor

Arvid Volz


Arvid Volz

Filipe Machado

Rigging Supervisor

Ernesto Ruiz Velasco


Jing Huang

Look Development

Arvid Volz

Shane O'Hara

Lighting & Composite

Shane O'Hara


Arvid Volz

3D Animation

Arvid Volz

Joerg Volk


Alexandra Francis

Daniel Amdemichael

Max Vogel

Remi Sorbet


Ben Rohel


Tracey McDonough

Roman Internal

Art Director

Ethan Streicher


Justine Berger

Content Director

Rocky Rakovic

Creative Director

Jonathan Campo