Where Will Color Take You?

Born out of a single, unexpected page buried in a very different brief over ten years ago, the Paint-Chips campaign has continued to cut through the noise with a quiet, inspiring voice that speaks to infinite possibilities of color.

Find beauty and inspiration in the world.

This campaign challenges us to find fresh, new ways to tell stories within the confines of this unusual medium. Here’s a selection of them for your viewing pleasure…

We established a strict set of rules our artists must follow when sculpting the paint swatches. These guidelines ensures consistency over the course of a long campaign and allowed us to create a pipeline to get our entire stable of artists involved.

God is in the details they say. I hope She enjoys the fact that all the paint swatch names are 100% accurate :)

01. Hide & Seek ↓

Hide & Seek →

Our initial inspiration came from those Magic Eye posters from the 90’s. (yes, we olds). We wanted our characters to blend into their environment and only be revealed through camera movements and textural trickery.

02. Safari ↓

Safari →

Cinematic lensing and intimate focal lengths highlight the complex emotion in the performances as well as the painstaking detail of their construction.

03. Migration ↓

Migration →

An intimate moment: animals slowly waking up, all drawn to something off-screen. As we cycle through the settings, we see each animal unable to turn away...what are they looking at? The suspense must be killing you.

04. River ↓

River →

'River' scratched our creative itch to work on a more expansive canvas. We follow our hero boat as it drifts along, the landscape rising up and morphing before our eyes.

This right here — this is why we get out of bed in the morning.

05. Kaleidoscope ↓

Kaleidoscope →

Exploring the dynamic potential of these swatches in these visual sleights of hand — morphing, transforming, and transcending physical space and time.

That or someone dosed my latte.

06. Daybreak ↓

Daybreak →

What would time-lapse feel like made out of swatches? How can we use time of day and aerial photography to simultaneously make the viewer feel both big and small? Daybreak is our answer. Our paint chip Koyaanisqatsi.

We always begin with story and design. Once we have those locked we are free to get lost in the process. Here’s some examples of how these characters and environments came to life…