Creamy, airy 3D goodness set to a pulsing beat helps SK-II launch SKINPOWER in Japan and China.

The Power Jar

Silky smooth, glowing skin - is it too much to ask for? We asked our mates over at SK-II and they were like “we got you”. So, after completing our 10-step morning skincare routine (priorities), we were inspired to charge up our 3D taskforce to create some lovely lotion-y visuals to introduce SKINPOWER to the world.

Bouncy, Smooth & Glowing

Cream! It’s pretty awesome stuff. Not only does it totally reverse the aging process, but you can also make it do whatever you want. So we made it bounce, glow, ripple, spiral, defy gravity and generate its own electricity.
Each key benefit of SKINPOWER was represented with a pair of abstracted visuals. One interacted with the positive space of the jar, while the other interacted with the negative.


We embraced a fast-paced, dynamic, edit style that incorporated loads of punchy cuts and luxurious close ups to reflect the power of the product.

We used the jar as our compositional anchor to tie all our shots together. This gave us the freedom to slice and dice the edit into a dynamic montage without it feeling jarring.


We didn’t want anyone in our key demos to miss out on having fab skin, so we made sure to build a typographic system that supported Japanese, Chinese, and English.

Concept Art

Before we whipped out the Houdini hacks and C4D wizardry, we figured we’d see what kind of wild ideas we could whip up in Photoshop first. This helped us conceptualize a roadmap into the third dimension.

Research + Development

These guys didn’t make the final cut, but we love them nonetheless.