Slack allows companies—like BUCK ;)—to function at full capacity from millions of micro-offices worldwide. In turn, we help Slack distill their value for teams of every shape and size.

WWH (Where Work Happens)

2020 took the “WFH” acronym from relative obscurity to overnight sensation. Work-life balance posed endless challenges throughout the year, and morale sometimes took a hit.

Combining Slack’s recognizable palette with punchy messaging and playful animation instills a sense of productive perseverance anchored by the value of “team-togetherness” that Slack has championed for users all over the world, all year long.



Executive Producer

Luisa Murray

Creative Director

Robert Bisi

Associate Creative Director

Ana Cezeta

Fernando Bittar


Amy Russo

CG Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

CG Lead

Adam Webber

2D Animation Lead

Patrick Knip


Brian Yang


Ana Gomez Bernaus

Ayla Mortada

Brendi Wedinger

Bruna Imai

Carlos Encisco

Devin Mathews

Fede Reano

Heewon Kim

Horacio Camacho

Hyung Soon Joo

Joao Lavieri

Lauren Gaballo

Leonardo Santamaria

Mark Kulakoff

Pedro Murteira

Rachael Park

Yasmina Vicente

Zoe Schneider

2D Animation

Annie Liao

Drew Wiebe

Jesper Bolther

Kyle Griggs

Kyu Kim

Lauren Kittle

Laury Santoso

Zackary Miller

Creative Technologist

Tayler Johnson

Assistant Editor

Andrew Polich