Snap Partner Summit


How do you host what was supposed to be an in-person Annual Partner Summit in the midst of a global pandemic? You shift to an AR environment and get BUCK to create a Snappy design system to make the whole thing feel like one cohesive whole.

Intro Film

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel told us he wanted an uplifting intro film that didn’t feel tech-y, but rather evoked a feeling of zen. So we created an art-inspired film that accentuated the event’s brand identity. Oh, and it was 15 minutes long.

Keynote Design

The challenge was to create a design system that supported all the various Snap Partners and product announcements. The system had to be flexible as the content was constantly evolving with various stakeholders weighing in right up to the final buzzer. One part design challenge, one part logistical and organizational challenge.

Short Form Content

We created a series of short form content pieces for the Summit — self-contained shorts that explain and celebrate new technologies on the Snapchat platform.

Press Recap

As a refreshing digestif, we created some fun press recaps for Snapchat’s social channels that hit all the major highlights from the Partner Summit. Like castles in the sand, these ephemeral beauties came and went.



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Global Executive Producer

Emily Rickard

Executive Producer

Luisa Murray

Creative Director

Sean Dougherty

Vitor Andrade

Senior Producer

Rebecca Park

Production Coordinator

Leeann Skoda

Art Director

Frederico Felix


Dave Evans


Colin Graham

Danilo Silveira

Devin Mathews

Eve Hodgkinson

Zoe Schneider

2D Animation Lead

Daniel Rodrigues

2D Animation

Fabian Morison

Felipe Medina

Jasper Hilgers

Min Kim

Moses Journey

Zak Tietjen

3D Animation

Eric Rosenthal

Kevin Weber


Ben Rohel

Mark Feldman

Head of Post

Paal Rui


Cudjo Collins

Marianne Karaan

Patrick O'Leary

Live Action


Diffan Norman

Line Producer

Trish Rigby

Director of Photography

Kiran Katpallo

Production Supervisor

Cheryl Guzmán

Comm Coordinator

Emily Bernstein