Spotify Summer Campaign


We collaborated with Spotify’s in-house creative team to produce their 2023 Summer OOH and social campaign, with high impact placements in cultural hot spots: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, and Atlanta. BUCK ideated, iterated, designed and animated 24 visuals that came to life as a cohesively chaotic set all within the campaign's graphic border system.


Part of the campaign was three epic-scale 55’ x 244’ site-specific digital artworks:




The triptych spoke to the weird and wonderful Los Angeles climate in a way that only an Angelino would get. Visible from the freeway, they dominated the DTLA skyline.


The Spotify summer campaign also had site-specific designs in high-profile locations such as NYC’s Time Square and Penn Plaza, and Miami. More art appeared every-which-way as wheat-pasted posters, digital bus stops, and on animated screens across the globe.

In Miami

We collaborated with Spotify’s in-house creative team to co-create a 15’ x 84’ mural celebrating one of the cultural capitals of the country — Wynwood in Miami. Bold, joyful, and full of color, we helped create thoughtful visuals that aligned with the overall aesthetic of the campaign while remaining true to the essence of this vibrant city.


A big thanks to our partners in Spotify’s in-house creative team for letting us go wild, and each and every BUCK artist who put their stamp on the project across a fast-paced and fun-filled six weeks.



Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Creative Director

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi

Executive Producer

Kim Stephens

Art Director

Sylvia Witter

Senior Producer

Monica Lynn

Production Coordinator

Jennifer Blackwell

Design Lead

Danilo Rodrigues

2D Animation Lead

Lisa Kim


Zack Williams

Joe Melhuish

Victoria Kociman

Alex Kiesling

Julia Chu

Kenni Huang

Nikko Gary

Vero Gomez

Doug Lee

Joel Plosz

Dan Muangprasert

Shirley Chong

Shannon Rollins

Victoria Rosselli

3D Animation

Victoria Kociman

2D Animation

Kyle Snider

Johan Eriksson

Vero Gomez

Jon Riedell

Sr. Brand Strategist

Asia Hunt