StreetEasy "Let the Journey Begin"


Together we chronicle the epic journey of navigating New York’s real estate market transformed into charming Renaissance-style paintings. BUCK partnered with StreetEasy and Mother New York to illustrate the beauty, drama, and relief when you find the perfect studio space, get pre-approval for your dream apartment, or land in the neighborhood that finally feels like home. The result is a collection of hand-painted, modern masterpieces that are quintessentially New York.

We took modern scenes many New Yorkers know too well — rush hour on the subway, crossing the river on a ferry, a co-op board gathering over a bagel breakfast — and illustrated them in a  Renaissance painting style.

The journey began in a familiar space — dusting off the trusty Wacom pens and diving into sketching. Through numerous iterations, the sketches gradually captured the essence of the campaign's voice, evolving into a labor of love through the arduous digital painting process. We had fun incorporating 2024 New York moments into a piece of work that looks like it came out of 1500s Italy.

StreetEasy has a long and respected history of saturating its marketing materials all over NYC. Works could be seen on subway platforms and train car takeovers. But the mural on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, painted by Colossal, captured the spirit of the campaign in a way no other surface could.

We couldn’t make classic New York scenes without including some Easter eggs. It was one of the most enjoyable aspects of this journey to dream up and draw the subtle nods that only locals peering at the ad from their subway seats would catch.

Look closely to see a seagull flying away with someone’s cronut, the peculiar pets on the subway, and New York’s beloved Flaco the owl (too soon?). We can’t forget the local legend who balances the impossible on his head as he bikes around town. These hidden gems add a touch of local charm to the campaign.



Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Kitty Dillard

Associate Creative Director

Daniel Pernikoff

Senior Producer

Andre Araujo

Alexi Yeldezian

Production Coordinator

Jennifer Blackwell

Art Director

Arielle Casale

Concept Art

Dae-Han Yi

Rich Kelly

Zoe Van Dijk

Devin Korwin

Hardy Fowler

Daniel Valaisis

Greg Yagolnitzer

Rafael Bessa

Technical Director

Nathan Shipley

2D Animation

Daniel Pernikoff

Kyle Snider

Patrick Knip

Mieka Jewett


Cameron Kelly


Creative Director

Dave Tomkins

Martin Baker

Head of Production

Travis Quinn


Hannah Campbell


Joy Adler-Kerekes