Sydney Water PSA Campaign


Otis Redding sang, “You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.” Aint that the truth. We teamed up with Sydney Water and Host Havas to raise awareness about water wastage and encourage conservation and responsible use. Along with air, water is Earth’s most valuable resource. And we have to make sure our well never runs dry.

Water. 60% of our bodies is made up of it. And if we don’t drink it for three or four days we can stop worrying about our taxes.

It’s time for us to return the favor to our most important commodity.

We partnered with Sydney Water in this charming campaign to remind Aussies that water should never be taken for granted. We made waves by demonstrating the many ways to use water responsibly.

Core Animations

We created a series of tv spots, each with its own messaging and call to action. Animating waves, ripples, and splashes was all part of the fun as we adopted a stop-mo inspired style to metamorphose scenes and plunge the viewer into a stylised water world.

We created a series of static designs that were placed on large-format digital displays and billboards around the city. In tandem, a set of looping animations featuring our delightful characters were released into the social media waterways.

Simulating water in a fluid animation style proved challenging to say the least. Fortunately, we’ve got a crew with the cel-chops to handle every splish and splosh and translate it, frame by frame to glorious 3D.

Design and development.

The challenge was to establish an aesthetic that felt charming and fresh without undermining the gravity of the issue. We struck this balance with a reduced design approach that felt bold and fun and at the same time, mature and considered.