The Breathe Easies


BUCK was approached early in the conceptual phase by The Barbarian Group and The Ad Council to create and design the world’s most famous asthma rock band, “The Breathe Easies”, who bring you these music videos to help the seven million kids in the U.S. with asthma. Resident emcee Goldie (the goldfish) hosts, while Bello, Tuuli, and Choons bring down the house.

We created these characters and their world from the ground up. To pull this puppy off we enlisted a small army working in close collaboration with each other: design, CG, 2-D, props, puppet fabrication, set construction, live action, and post. Whew!

From talented Youtuber, Parry Gripp, who wrote these catchy earworms to James Godwin and Co, our master puppeteers, to Jay Bell who led production design, we had great partners to help realize BUCK’s vision and breathe life into this quirky quartet.

01. Vacuum Up the Floor ↓

02. Clean Up the Mold ↓

03. Don’t Smoke in the House ↓