Mental health experiences are underrepresented in culture. And when they are represented it is done inaccurately in ways that create confusion, fear, and prejudice. Viacom wants to change that narrative. And we teamed up with them to help.

In order to bring about change, Viacom wrote a comprehensive resource for content creators called, “A Guide to Mental Health Storytelling for the Entertainment Industry.” It included a list of the top twelve mental health storytelling tips focused on themes like seeking help, self care, language, stigmas, and diversity. It was our job to visualize these tips in the form of five second loops.


Five seconds is shorter than it sounds. The primary challenge on this job was capturing the essence of the idea in a humanistic way that’s both smart and unexpected. We were very cognizant that for some people who need mental health support these stories may be one of the only touchpoints they have so we took the subject matter very seriously. We also strived to make them both relatable and optimistic — therapeutic even. If we didn’t do that, we didn’t do our jobs.


From a design perspective, this job had its own unique set of challenges. Chief among them, we didn’t want the illustrations to overpower the important messages we were trying to convey so we were very attuned to finding a harmonious balance between them. One way we achieved this was by juxtaposing our irregular line work with larger fill colors to draw attention to key points of interest and messaging.

2020 was a doozy. Covid-19, racial injustice, political discord, economic instability, and the climate were all tagging in and taking their shots at our mental stability this past year. These challenges only heightened the important role entertainment, media, and culture more broadly play in our mental health.

Finding a better language for how we talk about it is a good place to begin.



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