Vivo Flagship


Vivo's ask was a designer's dream: they needed beautiful, high-end content to adorn the in-store displays at their flagship store in Bangkok. Without a dither, we joined them to imagine a series of visual environments to help elevate the shopper's experience.

The Ask

Vivo wanted something that would reinforce its premium brand status. And they wanted something soothing and ambient that complemented the modern, minimal design of the store.

It needed to be inviting and engaging but not frenetic or distracting. And it needed to extend the physical space of the store, acting as a window into the outside world.

Is that all? No problem.

We pitched a set of 3D, nature-driven environments — enchanting ecosystems that would act as optical illusions when viewed from the right perspective. The client loved that idea, so we were off to the races.

We were working with two screens: one large panoramic display in the main space and a shorter one in an adjacent concrete room.

We treated the large screen as a complete, natural environment that extended into the horizon, while the smaller one served as a terrarium or museum display.

Two Screen

For both displays, we worked in some surreal assets like floating orbs and glowing mushrooms to provide a bit of excitement without overwhelming the natural environment.

Designing for small screens and mobile has become the standard for the vast majority of our work. When we get the rare opportunity to stretch our legs and design something large-scale and immersive it truly is a breath of fresh air.



Executive Creative Director

Gareth O'Brien

Creative Director

Lucas Brooking

Associate Creative Director

Luke Saunders

Senior 3D Lead

Elijah Akouri

3D Lead

Josh Edwards

Executive Producer

Erica Ford


Holly Dyroff


Colin Bigelow

Glen Miralles

Jacqueline Nguyen

Lucas Brooking

Luke Saunders

Rifat Muharram

Scarlett Starling

Model and Look Development

Greg Petchkovsky

Josh Edwards

Mitch Eaton

Rifat Muharram

Shaun Bowden

Taylor James