Women's Herstory Month


This ongoing portrait series honors the historic women who’ve influenced our lives and impacted our culture. BUCK artists illustrating the women who inspire them most—the rest is herstory.

A chronological curation

Centuries’ worth of bad-ass women making moves in every sphere of society. From progressive strides in science to timeless contributions to the art scene, we’re forever indebted to these leading ladies.



Creative Direction

Chris Palazzo

Gareth O'Brien


Mackenzie Alexander

Max Lauter


Amelia Chen

Amelia Giller

Ayla Mortada

Brendi Wedinger

Bryce Pemberton

Chris Palazzo

Daniel Oeffinger

Debora Cruchon

Glen Miralles

Janice Ahn

Jigyu Yoon

Jodi Terwilliger

Lauren Gaballo

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi

Luke Saunders

Manon Sailly

Manu Correa Soto

Marla Moore

Mercy Lomelin

Philip Sierzega

Shannon Rollins

Sofia Pashaei

Thea Glad

Yeojin Shin