Zapier Motion Library


We teamed up with Zapier to create six animated snippets that capture the brand's sophisticated automation capabilities. Each animation was crafted with a distinctly different design and animation style.

Project Overview →

Creating compelling artwork that captures a brand's essence is no easy feat.

When we set out to develop the artwork for Zapier's Art in Motion Library we turned to user tweets and product truths for inspiration. By combing thorough feedback and conducting exhaustive research we were able to weave our findings into cohesive stories that speak to Zapier's brand mission and values. Next, we selected BUCK artists with disparate art and animation styles. Then we let ‘em loose.

The result: six emotionally-resonant, animated snippets that showcase Zapier's automation capabilities, packaged into one impactful visual experience.

↓ Spot 01 - Clear your brain

Life can be overwhelming. The Zapier platform promises to simplify your work life by connecting your favorite apps and automating your tasks. It's like a trusty sidekick that helps you stay on top of things so you can focus on the big picture.

For this spot, we paired two incredible BUCK artists, designer Kyle Strope and animator Johan Eriksson, to illustrate the insanity of our daily desktops in a cool, saturated, (and hectic) short filled with subtle details and glowy blooms.

↓ Spot 02 - Endless Possibilities

Zapier connects with 5,000+ apps, including the critical business tools you use every day.

For this one, we tackled the not-so-simple assignment of designing and animating a “zap-inspired” Rubik's Cube, and boi — it’s harder than you think.

Two of our 3D wizards,  designer Zuheng Yin and animator Jesseter Wang, teamed up to achieve the task, resulting in a colorful, sophisticated spot.

↓ Spot 03 - Fly through Your Work

Behind the scenes, Zapier does heavy lifting, empowering you to glide through your workday like a paper airplane soaring across a cloudless sky.

To capture this feeling of frictionless efficiency, we chose designer Pierre-Nicolas Riou. His signature design and animation style brought the daily grind to life, taking you on a trippy, looping adventure that showcases the ease of Zapier's workflows.

With buttery-smooth keyframes and iconic character design (inspired by Zapier's own creative team), the animation embodies the effortless vibe that defines the Zapier experience.

↓ Spot 04 - A whole New You

“You are a lot more powerful than you think.” — this prompt from the client is what got it all started.

We came up with hundreds of visual metaphors to illustrate the idea of “becoming stronger with Zapier.” We landed on the powerful caterpillar/butterfly metamorphosis because that’s exactly what Zapier does for you — it literally turns you into a better version of yourself.

For this spot, we chose to go with a surreal yet simplified style that excited everyone, especially artist Joel Plosz who was in charge of bringing this concept to life in his epically uncanny animation.

↓ Spot 05 - The Multitasker

Know that overwhelming feeling of staring at a daunting list of tasks? Zapier automates mundane tasks, freeing up your headspace for bigger things.

For this dramatic journey, we drew inspiration from the dynamic and oh-so-emotive world of anime. Using cel animation, we crafted a frame-by-frame adventure from chaos to inner peace. Concept artist and cel animator Rodney Lambright led the way with the skilled animation direction of Thea Glad.

↓ Spot 06 - Get time back

Don't you wish you could snap your fingers and magically finish your mundane tasks, leaving you more YOU time? With Zapier, that dream becomes a reality.

This dreamy, brilliant collab between artist Twisha Patni and animator Hannah Sun resulted in a strong, surreal visual that stops you in your tracks. Vibrant, airbrush-inspired, digital painting is combined with holographic, stylized 3D techniques and extreme camera lensing in this imaginary galaxy where time moves in reverse. The deja vu is real.



Group Creative Director

Daniel Oeffinger

Executive Producer

Kim Stephens

Kitty Dillard

Creative Director

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi

Art Director

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi


Alexi Yeldezian

Andre Araujo


Gunnar Pettersson

Jesseter Wang

Joel Plosz

Kyle Strope

Pierre-Nicolas Riou

Rodney Lambright

Twisha Patni

Zuheng Yin


Hannah Sun

Jesseter Wang

Joel Plosz

Johan Eriksson

Pierre-Nicolas Riou

Rodney Lambright

Thea Glad

Sound Design & Mix

Alex dos Santos

Andy Lyon

Dave Conte

Kirk Johnson

Peter Kallstrom


Head of Creative, Brand Studio

Aaron Poe

Senior Design Producer

Ashley Hadeed

Brand Design Lead

Julia Jaskolska

Senior Designer, Brand

Talia Eisenberg